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On 22nd February 2012 our institute has completed grand 10 years. So we have celebrated the 10th Anniversary by organizing an ANNUAL FUNCTION on 22nd January 2012 with the students of our IICT family. Mr. Ardhandu Ganguly (The Chairman of Pakur) was the Hon'ble Chief Guest.

The function was related with Drawing Competition (held on 8th Jan.) and Talent Search Examination (held on 15th Jan.) with the students of Pakur Block such as Pakur, Hiranpur, Maheshpur , Amrapara, Pakuria, etc. And all the winners were awarded on the Function Day by the Chief Guest. In these 10 years we have proved ourselves as a BETTER COMPUTER INSTITUTION in Pakur.
All the students and Faculties have helped to make our Institute and Function successful.