Ideal Computer
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arrow Educational Service in Information Technology (IT)
Quality Policy:

IDEAL INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER & TECHNOLOGY is committed to delight customers by providing Computer Training Centres in various branches with the highest degree of purity, through professionals business ethics and punctuality.

This we shall be achieving by:-

  • Ensuring continual improvement in the processes and operations.
  • Employing effective and latest teaching & training methodologies to enable all round growth of the students.
  • Providing growth oriented and progressive work environment to the employees.
  • Establishing and maintaining symbiotic relations with skateholders.
Quality Objective:
  • To implement and maintain the Quality Management Systems complying with ISO 9001:2008 Standards.
  • Providing Upgraded services based on changing Customer Industrial requirement and trends.
  • To upgrade the faculty skills as per the changing requirements.
  • Suitable deployment of technologies for efficient performance in service delivery.
  • To ensure a continual improvement focused on student’s needs and specification.
IICT has a large premises provides with high end classrooms, computer labs, library, Counseling area, Faculty room, accounts office, Administrative office & other areas. Common rooms are also provided where these budding engineers can share knowledge and discuss ideas.