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There are two ways of imparting education- one that is methodical and conservative and the other which is flexible and trains itself through time. With rich experience of over a decade in this field, we have fine tuned our education methodology to cater to all kinds of entrants in the institute.

Teaching methodology at IICT dwells upon providing conceptual skills, diffused with theoretical background and practical skills leading to perfect implementation in real life situations. Qualified & experienced staff mingled with healthy students - teacher relationship goes a long way in inculcating the desire to learn more and more within the students. Through the curriculum, we have a balanced mixture of lecture, practical, tutorial & assignments and at the end a real life project design. As & when required a panel of visiting faculty provide their expert guidance on specialized & industry-oriented subjects.

Being the prime concern of any education, a strong emphasis is given for the best and basic concepts and in depth coverage of entire syllabus by taking care of the different variation of the students. Lectures are so designed and delivered that the students understand the practical implementation of a technology and its applications across industry. Thus IICT grooms individuals with strong conceptual knowledge, and the right kind of attitude that helps the IICT students to stand tall in the job market.
Practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge is of utmost importance. With specialized infrastructure and right faculty, we help to build intelligent software engineers out of students who can understand the concept in an effective and efficient manner by practically exploring the system. Expert lab faculties are there to assist them with well structured assignments to canalize the practical and seminars are conducted to enhance their knowledge about the system.
Personality Development :
Students are encouraged actively to participate in extra curricular activity organized on teacher's day, children's day, Annual Functions etc. to enhance personality traits. Visiting faculty and member of leading organization are invited to express their view and ideas about the present trends and how to achieve success and what should be taken care during the tough time.