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Institute focuses on shaping the career of students who spend an ample time at the premises. Students within the premises are provided diverse facilities for all kinds of courses varying from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

IICT, has its campus and franchisees in major cities in Jharkhand. With its presence spanning over the entire geography of Jharkhand , it is spreading the IT revolution across the state. They can look for great career staying in the comforts of their home and at affordable costs.
Lecture Rooms:
The institute has two classrooms providing perfect learning environment. Technology driven knowledge dissemination helps students to understand better and also breaks the monotony of plain lectures. Aids like power point presentations help to make a mark on the students and also keeps them closer to technology friendly environment.
Multiple labs with state-of-the-art computer systems, interconnected to provide a multi-user & multiplatform connectivity cater to the requirements of practical & project work. All the computers are in network through HUB for sharing resources & information. Labs are equipped with inkjet printer. UPS has been installed to prevent from frequent power failure. Proxy server has also been installed to provide broad band Internet facility on every computer.
Library at IICT consists of an Ocean of Books, providing a rich knowledge base and a perfect combination for learning. Indian journals, periodicals, reference manuals help the students to keep themselves updated with latest industry trend.
Study Material:
Comprehensive study material is provided to the students for various courses supplemented by notes